Review | Museum of Illusions on Lincoln Road


To end my birthday week, I planned for my family and I to take a mini trip to Miami and visit the Museum of Illusions on Lincoln Road.  I have been seeing so many advertisements for this place and I was interested. I know they have a location in LA as well as San Fransisco. Here are a few things I liked and some things I felt could've been better. Remember, everything that I write is based only on MY opinion.

General admission is about $30 per person... we had a 10% discount coupon. For the 4 of us we paid $96.00. You can bring your own tripod or rent theirs for $10. I bought my own :) They are definitely following the mask and social distancing rules.The wait time was not too long and the staff were professional. Not that much friendly, but professional. The staff member that explained the rules of the place was informative.  To get the full 3D effects of the pictures, there are little camera stickers on the ground where the photographer takes the photo. Also, you have about 5 minutes to take your pictures and move on to the next room. What I like about each room is that they give you picture examples on how to do the poses for that particular theme.  Some themes were not that interesting for me or my husband to even take a picture. We did pass up a few theme rooms. I believe in total, there are about 40 themes. There is an arrow in which you have to follow to go to each room and the last room will lead you out. In the front of the Museum they have an attraction call "Smash it" you basically pay $15-20 to smash 3 dishes on a wall. Obviously my oldest daughter wanted to do it and we were celebrating her too (we have the same birthday). I don't think smashing 3 plates for that amount of money is reasonable. It should be added to the admission price. Overall, our experience was a 8/10.  Would I pay to go again, most likely no. That is a place where you only go one time and that's it. 

Here are a few pictures that we took. Enjoy!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas