How To Create A Digital Vision Board



    Today is the last day of 2020 and just like any other year, I like to create vision boards. Both physical and digital. I prefer digital though because I am always looking at either my phone, Apple Watch, or MacBook. Having my visions right in front of me all day everyday is a reminder to keep focus and work hard on achieving the goals I have set for the year.

    For those of you that do not know what a vision board is, it is basically visual representations of goals you want to achieve for the upcoming year placed either on a poster board or the home screen of your device.   You determine how you want to set your goals. Whether it be 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 years.

    I created a sample vision board for you all to get ideas from. Some ideas can be traveling, going back to school, getting married, paying off debt etc. It's whatever you want to accomplish.

    First things first, find pictures of things you want to put on your board. Pinterest is a good app and of course dear old Google. You can add as many pictures that you want, just be mindful of your device's wallpaper dimensions. You will want all your pictures showing up and with a clear view.

What you will need for your device

1) Download Pinterest for picture ideas
2) Download Canva or Photogrid (add your pics and create a collage)
sn: Canva also lets you resize your collage in case it is too small or too big once you convert it into a wallpaper. 

Happy goal setting and Happy New Year!

Later love bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Living Your Best Life For You!


    When you hear the words "Happiness" and "Peace" what does it mean to you? Does it mean finding those qualities in someone else so that it makes you feel whole? Or does it mean you taking control of your own? Prior to having a husband and children, I was looking for happiness through people and things. I hung out with people that I wasn't really feeling like that, I bought things that I DID NOT need. Those things made me happy at that moment, but it was temporary. It wasn't until my expectations from certain individuals let me down that I realized I was putting TOO much expectations on people. I was silently broken and knew that I had to shift my mindset. For me, it was ending some friendships, quitting a job, moving to another city, and starting fresh. Even with doing that, I still have to be mindful about my aura and reminding myself to live for ME.

    Society has a way of distracting us in the cycle we call life. It makes us think that certain people CAN NOT amount to anything. Which is NOT true. You want to go back to school while working and having a family at home? Yes, go for it! You want to buy that Louis Vuitton bag because you worked hard, paid your bills, handled your business first? Yes, get that bag girl! You want to write that paperback or eBook? Who said you can't? Go for it! You want that raise at work? Don't be afraid to ask for it... You deserve more! and the list goes on... Your life is for you! My advice is to just make sure you make the right decisions. If you are a parent especially, make sure you handle home first. Don't buy that LV bag and there's no food in the fridge or the rent/mortgage and light bill is not paid. (make sense?)

    You also have to stop living in fear. I am still working on this as I type. The world we live in is a very scary one. If I could keep my family in a shell away from everything and everyone,  I would. BUT, I shouldn't. There are so many opportunities out there, so many different places to visit and create memories. I want to experience it all and I want my husband and girls to as well. You too should feel this way. As the new year approaches, I suggest you choose one thing that you want to conquer that has you fearful. It could be as big as traveling to a different state or country or something small as doing your first live on Facebook or Instagram lol. Stepping out of your comfort zone will definitely change your life and make you a better person. 

     I challenge you all to choose one or more things to do for the new year and shift your mindset. Live your best life for you!

Later love bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


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DIY Christmas PhotoShoot At Home



I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. We stayed home an enjoyed each other's company. This year I decided to do Christmas pictures. I did not want to spend any money hiring a photographer, when I clearly have the things at home to do my own shoot. It's very simple, all you need is a few items and to move your furniture around if you are taking photos indoors.

Things you will need

1) Good lighting. Turn on all your lights lol. Also get you a ring light. You can find those anywhere. Best Buy, Amazon etc. My husband gifted mine to me when I started blogging. 

2) Tripod. I purchased mine from amazon. There are different sizes and designs. I got a regular one that stands about 5 1/2 feet maybe a little higher it also comes with a bluetooth remote. 

3) Props. It's always a good idea to get props. It will help your pictures stand out. For this shoot, our props were our TV... we went on YouTube and found a 10 hour video of a fireplace with crackling sounds... that helped set the mood for our Christmas theme. 

Here are a few more pictures from our "at home photoshoot"

A Look Back At 2020



    Can you believe that the year is almost over? 2020 is definitely one for the books. I can't even fathom the amount of craziness that transpired. I learned so much about myself, my job, people in general, and society. My mindset changed as well. I learned how to ignore things that I can not control and to be more grateful for what I have.

    I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and branching out on different projects. I birthed my blog and also dropped an eBook.(What?!). I am more aware of peoples energies and I have the ability to remove myself from their aura. I even got confirmation that work is work and there are NO friends in it. It's a "dog eat dog" world. (Sorry to burst your bubbles lol). 

    Nobody knew what 2020 was going to bring... but for me, it was the year of "vision" for real for real. It opened my eyes to a lot. It also gave me the vision I needed to see to make new moves. Thank you 2020 for the reality check. What has 2020 taught you? Let me know in the comments. 

Your girl released an eBook a few days ago... It's a self-care book telling us women how to get our "ish" together. You can purchase yours here....


Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

How to Grow Your Nails In One Week!


 (This post is an affiliated post)

Happy Sunday! I hope all is well. I wanted to come on here and give a tip/hack on how to get long healthy nails without breaking the bank by getting fake nails. Back in the day, I was an acrylic nails guru. It's not until I got older, and I was spending too much every two weeks on refills IF my nails didn't already pop off. I love having long nails... I didn't have any nails when I was younger because I always chewed on them smh. A few years ago, I found this nail product at my local drug store saying my nails will grow instantly in 5-7 days. Of course I was skeptical, but I was also desperate. Let's just say that nail polish was my Holy Grail for about 4 years. Now my nails are super long and healthy. I do go to the nail shop every 3-4 weeks for a dip powder which is my preference..but even my nail tech brags on my nail length. 

My natural nails...

Click the link to get your very own. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Holiday Gift Guide For Her



    Christmas is almost here!!! I am somewhat of an "almost" last minute shopper lol. However, these items that I chose for my wishlist is not hard to get on any day. I am pretty sure there are some ladies out there who are eyeing some of these goodies too. Have a safe holiday season :)

    What are some items on your wish list? Let me know. 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Interview With Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger, Bella Rosa


Everyone has someone or something that either inspired or motivated them to do something. I have always been interested in blogging because I like to write. I didn't know anyone who shared my interest in blogging until I revamped my instagram page and started networking with people within the blogging community. In my search, I came across a young lady by the name of Maria Cadet also known as Bella Rosa. I reached out to her via DM to ask some questions about blogging as well as marketing and she's always helping and being supportive. I am blessed and fortunate to have interviewed her last week for my blog. Check out the interview below...

EJ: Tell us about yourself (name, where are you from)

BR: My name is Maria Rosa Cadet. I was born in Les Cayes, Haiti, but grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida.

EJ: How did the name "Bella Rosa" come about?

BR: Well, my first name is Maria Rosa and at the time, I was trying to figure out a cool name for my blog and came up with Bella Rosa which is Italian for " a beautiful rose"

EJ: What made you start blogging? Do you have any blogger inspirations?

BR: I started blogging because I've always been into fashion. In high school, I started discovering blogs and reading fashion magazines. One day I said, "I want to have my own blog similar to the ones I read all of the time." When I first thought about starting a blog, my cousin "Dadouchic"started a blog around the same time and she inspired me to go for it. I have many bloggers who inspire me. To name a few--- "dadouchic" "Monroe Steele" "Mattie James" "Dayna Bolden" "In the frow" and so many more.

EJ: Do you think blogging will always be relevant the way Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube is?

BR: Yes, I think blogging will always be relevant, because it's evergreen. I can go on someone's blog and search for information they wrote about 10 years ago. I can't do the same with IG. I think social media is to be used as AD space, where you advertise your work and build your community. You should always have something that you own....and that's your blog.

EJ: Has blogging opened any doors for you or given you any awesome opportunities/connections?

BR: Blogging has opened many doors for me and introduced me to some amazing people. I've worked with brands that I dreamed of working with and made income from doing things that I love and would do for free.

EJ: How do you balance your blogger life?

BR: I schedule everything. Even with a schedule, there's no true balance. My mindset is, if I put 100% into my 9-5 today, my blog/side hustle gets pushed back that day and vice versa. Everyday I have to decide what I give 100% energy towards. 

EJ: What advice do you have for anyone trying to get into this craft?

BR: My advice is to just start. If you're waiting to have everything together, you'll never take the leap. Cancel out all of the noise and all of the naysayers and do it. Most importantly, be super consistent. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas