Interview With Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger, Bella Rosa

Everyone has someone or something that either inspired or motivated them to do something. I have always been interested in blogging because I like to write. I didn't know anyone who shared my interest in blogging until I revamped my instagram page and started networking with people within the blogging community. In my search, I came across a young lady by the name of Maria Cadet also known as Bella Rosa. I reached out to her via DM to ask some questions about blogging as well as marketing and she's always helping and being supportive. I am blessed and fortunate to have interviewed her last week for my blog. Check out the interview below...

EJ: Tell us about yourself (name, where are you from)

BR: My name is Maria Rosa Cadet. I was born in Les Cayes, Haiti, but grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida.

EJ: How did the name "Bella Rosa" come about?

BR: Well, my first name is Maria Rosa and at the time, I was trying to figure out a cool name for my blog and came up with Bella Rosa which is Italian for " a beautiful rose"

EJ: What made you start blogging? Do you have any blogger inspirations?

BR: I started blogging because I've always been into fashion. In high school, I started discovering blogs and reading fashion magazines. One day I said, "I want to have my own blog similar to the ones I read all of the time." When I first thought about starting a blog, my cousin "Dadouchic"started a blog around the same time and she inspired me to go for it. I have many bloggers who inspire me. To name a few--- "dadouchic" "Monroe Steele" "Mattie James" "Dayna Bolden" "In the frow" and so many more.

EJ: Do you think blogging will always be relevant the way Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube is?

BR: Yes, I think blogging will always be relevant, because it's evergreen. I can go on someone's blog and search for information they wrote about 10 years ago. I can't do the same with IG. I think social media is to be used as AD space, where you advertise your work and build your community. You should always have something that you own....and that's your blog.

EJ: Has blogging opened any doors for you or given you any awesome opportunities/connections?

BR: Blogging has opened many doors for me and introduced me to some amazing people. I've worked with brands that I dreamed of working with and made income from doing things that I love and would do for free.

EJ: How do you balance your blogger life?

BR: I schedule everything. Even with a schedule, there's no true balance. My mindset is, if I put 100% into my 9-5 today, my blog/side hustle gets pushed back that day and vice versa. Everyday I have to decide what I give 100% energy towards. 

EJ: What advice do you have for anyone trying to get into this craft?

BR: My advice is to just start. If you're waiting to have everything together, you'll never take the leap. Cancel out all of the noise and all of the naysayers and do it. Most importantly, be super consistent. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas