How to Grow Your Nails In One Week!

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Happy Sunday! I hope all is well. I wanted to come on here and give a tip/hack on how to get long healthy nails without breaking the bank by getting fake nails. Back in the day, I was an acrylic nails guru. It's not until I got older, and I was spending too much every two weeks on refills IF my nails didn't already pop off. I love having long nails... I didn't have any nails when I was younger because I always chewed on them smh. A few years ago, I found this nail product at my local drug store saying my nails will grow instantly in 5-7 days. Of course I was skeptical, but I was also desperate. Let's just say that nail polish was my Holy Grail for about 4 years. Now my nails are super long and healthy. I do go to the nail shop every 3-4 weeks for a dip powder which is my preference..but even my nail tech brags on my nail length. 

My natural nails...

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Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas