Quarantine Ideas For The Holiday Season At Home



    Happy holidays everyone! Christmas time is so special to me. I get a sense of happiness and peace whenever the holiday season comes around. Sadly, the season is a little different now due to Covid-19. Social distancing is required and lots of families and friends are unable to travel and be with one another. As for our family, we are still going to make the best of it but with being safe of course. I decided to create a list of things to do at home during quarantine with friends or family during the holiday season. 

Holiday Movies
    Starting the month of November, you will start to see Christmas movies coming on. You can find them on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hallmark Channel or Lifetime. This is a good time to bake some cookies and watch a movie with the family. 

Christmas Music

    The best way to uplift your spirits during this crazy time is to play some good ole' Christmas classics as loud as you want and just sing and dance. To kick it up a notch, do this while decorating your place. That will really be a good vibe :)

DIY Projects/Crafts

    There are so many things to make. From Gingerbread houses or homemade gifts. Let's get creative people. Go to your local craft store like Micheals or Hobby Lobby. For Gingerbread houses, you can purchase the premade ones from Walmart or Target. You can even turn that into a competition of who decorated the best house :)

At Home Photo Shoot

    Save your coins and do your photo shoot at home. Get you a bomb back drop( table cloth is a good choice lol),  some props, a timer on your phone, and great lighting and snap.  

    These are some ideas that I plan on doing with my family. Please share if you have any that I may have missed. Remember to stay safe this holiday season and keep those masks on and remain social distanced.

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Feeling Stagnant?


Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you all are having a great morning. I woke up this morning with NO intention of blogging today but this was really weighing on me and I can't seem to shake off this feeling. For the past couple of months, I have been feeling very stagnant, with both my blogs and teaching. I know it's my mind playing tricks on me because I am actually doing good in both aspects(in my opinion). I just feel like I can do a better job with organization and possibly executing a plan for some things. If I am feeling this way and having a hard time getting rid of the feeling, that only means someone else is feeling this way and may need a little push or encouragement. 

    Sometimes the feeling we get, could possibly be God telling us to slow down and hear him. We are stuck because maybe we are missing something that he is either showing or leading us too. Today or whatever day you are reading this, I encourage you to date and journal your feelings, sit still for a few moments in silence with God and ask him what it is that he needs from you, I also highly encourage you to not let ANY thing distract you especially social media. Drink water, drink water, and drink some more water. Reflect on everything and see what happens. I can guarantee that you will feel better.

Have you been feeling stagnant in some areas of your life? 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

Different Ways To Style Distressed Jeans


(Not a Sponsored Post)

 Happy Saturday Love Bugs, I hope you all are having a great day! I'm not one to blog about fashion, but I was going through my closet a few days ago and noticed a redundant piece of clothing. DISTRESSED JEANS!!! omg I didn't realize I had more than 2 lol. I decided to play dress up with those jeans and show you all how I dress them up and down... 

These cute distressed jeans came from Target
You can pair them with a nice shirt and some heels 
for a night out with friends or date night with your man

These distressed jeans are from Walmart In this pic, 
I decided to pair them with a blouse and some cute sandals.
This can be worn for a day filled with running errands but 
still want to be cute. (Couldn't find the exact jeans online)

These oversized distressed mom jeans from Shein
are my absolute favorite. They are super comfy and
I love the look I created with these jeans. I think dressing
these jeans up is a MUST!

These jeans I got from the men's department at Walmart
I just paired them with a casual tee and some kicks. This 
would be cool to rock for a day out with the kids to get 
ice cream etc.(Couldn't find the exact jeans online)

These jeans are super old. I got them from Kmart.
You can find distressed jean shorts anywhere. I 
 paired these with a casual blouse and some boots
Super cute and comfy.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you like to dress up or down? Let me know!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

It's The Christmas Season For Me


Tis The Season

Hey guys I am so happy that the holiday season is here! I have been anticipating decorating my place and classroom since October lol. Anyway, this blog is not sponsored but I wanted you guys who are on the hunt for deals on artificial Christmas Trees and decor to see which stores have some good deals for the low low.  

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby

Big Lots 50% off 

Big Lots

Big Lots

Big Lots

Big Lots

Did you guys start your Christmas shopping or decorating? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Check on Your Teacher Friends


 Hello educators. Happy Friday eve. Listen, I don't know about you all, but I am legit #TeacherTired lol. We are only in November and I'm ready for spring and summer break.  A lot has been weighing on my shoulders and I decided to blog about it because I am pretty sure there is a fellow educator that is feeling the same way or has been through something.  I thought to myself, why not do a weekly check in just to see how we are all holding up during these trying times. 

Adding books to my new book shelf :)

As for me, if you haven't known, I am a "semi" first year Kindergarten/First Grade teacher at the preschool where I have taught VPK/PreK for 5 1/2 years. I say "semi" first year because I am not a typical first year teacher like in the elementary school. I wanted too, but things did not go as planned (God had other plans for me obvi). But yea, I have been winging this thing from day 1. That is an issue because I am a planner and organizer. So not having an actual plan in order to execute is a bit stressful. The fact that I am teaching EVERYTHING at the top of my brain with minimal resources, without any training or workshops is phenomenal in my opinion because the children are learning. I have seen a lot "AHA" moments within the past few weeks.  They are all succeeding in reading and I create lesson plans as I go and I create lesson activities in my sleep. I just might add curriculum specialist to my resume lol. The idea of opening up a blended Kindergarten/First grade classroom came about in July and the classroom opened up in August. I am building my classroom from the ground up literally. I mean just Monday, I got my book shelves and dry erase board (super happy lol). I'm still getting items in November that were needed in August. That alone is stressful because there are days where I feel defeated and I feel like I am cheating the kids, but then that is where the lovely teacher instagram community comes in to play. Some of the resources I seen on there has been a huge help for me because I am able to implement a few things into my classroom. The help that I have received from teacher friends(in real life) has also been a huge blessing for me.  That is just a quick break down of how I am doing right now. I know with time and patience, things will be back in order and I can sit back and just thank God for allowing and giving me wisdom to teach these children. I want to let you all know... YOU GOT THIS!!!

So my question to you guys is this "How are you feeling?" "How is the school year going so far?" "Are you teacher tired yet?" We all have struggles in and out of the classroom. As educators, we go above and beyond for our students and families. It's time we focus on each other but most importantly ourselves. Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are REALLY doing. Also, go ahead and share this post with all of your teacher friends/families :)

Later Love Bugs, 

Elizabeth Jacas