Different Ways To Style Distressed Jeans

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 Happy Saturday Love Bugs, I hope you all are having a great day! I'm not one to blog about fashion, but I was going through my closet a few days ago and noticed a redundant piece of clothing. DISTRESSED JEANS!!! omg I didn't realize I had more than 2 lol. I decided to play dress up with those jeans and show you all how I dress them up and down... 

These cute distressed jeans came from Target
You can pair them with a nice shirt and some heels 
for a night out with friends or date night with your man

These distressed jeans are from Walmart In this pic, 
I decided to pair them with a blouse and some cute sandals.
This can be worn for a day filled with running errands but 
still want to be cute. (Couldn't find the exact jeans online)

These oversized distressed mom jeans from Shein
are my absolute favorite. They are super comfy and
I love the look I created with these jeans. I think dressing
these jeans up is a MUST!

These jeans I got from the men's department at Walmart
I just paired them with a casual tee and some kicks. This 
would be cool to rock for a day out with the kids to get 
ice cream etc.(Couldn't find the exact jeans online)

These jeans are super old. I got them from Kmart.
You can find distressed jean shorts anywhere. I 
 paired these with a casual blouse and some boots
Super cute and comfy.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you like to dress up or down? Let me know!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas