Why Did I Start Blogging?

Social Media has taken over. People are using their creativity to promote their businesses and/or websites. Blogging has also been on the top of the list especially this year. I have been blogging on and off for many years but I did not tell anyone. I finally took it serious in May of this year and promoted it.  I have been loving the positive feedback from my readers and the connections I have made with other bloggers. Blogging to me is like a digital journal or diary. Whatever I feel, I write down. It's very therapeutic and also helps me with my creative side. I classify myself as a "Lifestyle Blogger" there is not one specific Niche. I write about everything that my readers and I go through in our everyday lives. I write about parenting, marriage, finances, education, fitness, reflections, and the list goes on. I feel like a lifestyle blog suits me and what I want to put out there. Yes, It looks easy to just take a picture and write, but there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure everything looks up to par. I am still a beginner blogger, so I am not an expert. I am still learning as I go. Although I do have a "7 to 3" as a teacher, I am becoming more focused on MY BRAND. There is definitely no shame to saying that. The consistency of making sure to post a few times every week and finding relatable topics is hard but yet rewarding. Although I am not monetized YET. I know I will be soon.


Pros: I can express myself through my writing

Cons: It is time consuming to create the right look and to type a good post.

Pros: I can eventually do sponsored posts and get paid

Cons: ADSENSE takes forever to approve my page... it is also hard work to get traffic


1) Don't give up! If you feel like you want to blog, then go right ahead. Do your research, Find your niche. 
2) You do not need to purchase an expensive camera and all of that other technology. As a beginner, just use your phone's camera and download some photo apps(thank me later).

3)  Use Instagram and Pinterest to your advantage. Promote your blog HEAVY

4) If you are blogging for quick money right away, Good luck. The only way you can see bucks overnight is if your post goes viral. 

5) The best tip of all is to enjoy writing and taking pictures. Think about your readers and how you can be an inspiration to someone.

Iphone11 (for pictures)

After light App ( Lighting purposes)

Mini Tripod with remote ( you will be your own photographer at some point)

MacBook Air (love it)
Instagram and Pinterest account to promote blog

If you are thinking about starting a blog, Don't think about it....CREATE ONE :)

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas