What Brought Me Joy This Past Week (Week 7)

This is week 7 of my series "What Has Brought Me Joy This Past Week?" If you haven't already, trust me when I tell you that your week will go by much smoother and less stressful when you take the time to really stop and look at your blessings (big or small). This past week was more so of a reflection and just being thankful.

1) Transportation
I am grateful for having more than one vehicle in our household. Car maintenance can sometimes be expensive and can be hard if that one car is in the shop. 

2) Shelter & Food
I am grateful for a place for my family and myself to lay our heads every night. I am blessed to have food in the fridge without struggling.

3) 3 Day Weekend
If you are a teacher or work in the education field, then you know how IMPORTANT 3 day weekends are. I was able to get all the household chores done and spend some quality time with my family.

I hope you all find a few things each day/week that you are grateful for... 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

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Steve Stone said…
We all have lots to be thankful for ! I enjoyed reading this. Joy is so much richer and sweeter than "happy". I keep a box of blank cards handy and try to write and mail one each week. It helps keep my focus on positive things like you described. Thanks for sharing !