Mommy Guilt And Tips To Overcome It

If you are a mom, then this blog is for you! First and Foremost, I want to personally say "YOU ARE A GREAT MOTHER" do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Motherhood is NOT an easy job. Although being a mom is a blessing, it is very challenging and overwhelming too. As mothers, we wear many hats. We are moms, doctors, therapists, referees, chefs, playmates, pastors, best friends, and sometimes rivals lol(depending on the child). The issue that we all possess, is that we do not feel like a "good mom" the question is though, "What is a good mom?" In my opinion, a good mom is a woman who takes care of her children, keeps them safe, and has fun with them. But guess what, a good mom also DISCIPLINES her children too. I'm going to simplify Proverbs 13:24 "If you don't correct your children, you don't love them. If you love them, you will be quick to discipline. 

I don't know about you all, but my daughters test me EVERYDAY and EVERY chance they get. So I get it lol. We are not perfect, No one is. We get so overwhelmed with working outside the house, housework, taking care of ourselves, all while making sure we are keeping the little humans alive. It's a lot. So yes, it is perfectly normal to have an off day or two, or three, heck a whole week. It is also okay to yell geez.

Now, I'm not saying to verbally abuse your child because that's just stupid, but I mean we are human for goodness sake, we all scream or yell at some point during the day. It's okay sis! If your child is hard to deal with it and you have a partner, spouse, boyfriend, fiancé whatever at home with you, ask for a few minutes quiet time for yourself. We all need a little break. If you are a single mom, and have close family or friends you can trust nearby, don't hesitate and ask for help... ONLY if that family is not TOXIC because that will defeat the purpose. Most of the time the guilt is not from our children, it comes from how we are feeling after a situation WITH our children if that makes sense.  The most amazing thing though about children is that no matter what, they are so innocent and understanding. They are very loving and have a pure heart. Remember, God created them for you and ONLY YOU for a reason. If he didn't believe you were fit to be a mom, do you think you would be one? Below, I have some tips that I believe will help for that mom who feels guilty, overwhelmed, or just tired. 


2) Meditate

3) Pamper yourself

4) If your children are old enough, talk to them and express yourself. Speak from the heart.

5) Write down your feelings in a journal

6) Take a hot shower and cry it out

7) Put on some earphones and listen too old school 90's R&B (TRUST ME)

8)  Drink ice cold water and just lay down for a few minutes 

9) Speak affirmations into your life... CLAIM GOOD THINGS on yourself and your children

10) Don't SCREAM and scare your kids. (It's easier said than done, but practice it. Use a stern tone instead.)


To ALL moms from a mom....Don't beat yourself up and always remember no one is perfect.... 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas


D.B.Rosemer said…
I just love reading your blogs although my children are a tad bit older the message is still the same I love your patience and the fact that ur honest yes I agree it’s ok to yell every now & then these kids be too much sometimes ! Reading your blog makes me feel like okkk girl u got this ur not alone nor is it easy but together we can raise great productive Civilized children! It takes a village so thank you for ur help even tho it’s a message of experience it’s a great guide for other moms to let them know it’s ok sis you got this! So thank u I enjoy reading every time you post!!!!������
Elizabeth Jacas said…
That means a lot to me. We all have to uplift each other one way or the other. Thank you for your support. #MomsUnited