Word of Advice

    It's the last week of school! I can't believe how fast it went.(If you didn't know, I am a teacher). Although it is the last week, I took another mental health day today. I am starting to listen to my body and when it tells me to take it easy or focus on something else, then that is what I do. I can't give my all to things or people and neglect myself and my hustles and neither should you! It was on my heart to write this post. It may be for someone who is reading this right now or in the near future. 

     I don't want to be classified as an Influencer because I am not that. I don't want to work for IG per say however, my goal on being on social media is to promote this blog site and my experiences so that it can help or motivate someone who may be in the same situation. For the past few months as I tried to grow my audience and produce some type of content(still learning) I noticed that everyone is acting almost the same online. It is kind of sad in my opinion. I see a lack of authenticity. 

    Most of the women all look the same and act the same. They promote the same businesses and the lack of support for others is very noticeable. I follow quite a few "influencers" who I know started off real small and always interacted with their followers and shared each others posts and what not, but the moment a few of them gained an audience, they started moving different. Why support a person or company that already has a huge following that doesn't even know you exist? Whereas you have small influencers that support you 100% but they can't even get a single like or share from some of you. 

    Now, I know no one should base anything on likes, comments, shares, etc However, if you are using these platforms as a potential business then they do matter. I quietly watch and observe people on- line and most times I can tell who is very genuine with their audience. I don't think it will kill you to support one another. I have made some great connections online and I try my hardest to share their content and comments on their stuff because I honestly feel like we all should win.

      My word of advice to you all is to be humble with everything and everyone around you because one day you can have it all, and then poof the next day it can all be gone. Remember the people who supported you in the beginning stages when you had nothing, and think about the people who "support" you now when you made a name for yourself. Sometimes its "clout chasing" If you feel like giving up because the numbers are not where you want them to be, DON'T... My numbers have not grown in months and that is NOT going to stop me. Consistency also plays a factor and engaging with your audience, even if its only one person.  If you were able to get that one person to reach out to you and thank you for something you did or said on a post that inspired them, then you have made it! It only takes one person to feel motivated/inspired. 

        Social Media is a great platform, but it can also mess up your mental state. Learn how to shift your mindset and not take things personal. Like I always say, if following someone makes you feel some type of way...UNFOLLOW them. The discernment you are feeling is not for play play. Whatever your hustle is, be consistent with it and never give up. Don't compare yourself to anyone and your timing for success will come when its YOUR time. I want us all to win and we all will. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas