My Self-Care Skin Routine

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    I am big on skin care. I haven't always been though. I think as I've gotten older, I started to be more focused on the health of my skin. I make it a priority to implement this routine as one of my self-care regimens. There are plenty of skin care products and I have used quite a few. For some reason, I am always drawn back to the staples from back in the day. As always, take what you need and leave what you don't. Everyone's skin is different and these products may or may not work for you. 

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    My go to product for my face cleanser hands down is an old staple... Noxzema! It also now has Eucalyptus extract in it and I love it. If you don't know anything about Eucalyptus, just know that it can help boost circulation, prevent or treat acne, and reduce redness. (you're welcome)

    The next skin care product that I love is my Witch Hazel Toner. There are plenty of toners out there, but this one so far is my fave. It makes my skin feel real soft and hydrated and I highly recommend it. I have the one with Aloe Vera and Rose Water but this is the closest one to the one that I have... I am pretty sure it works the same. 

    This product is really good too. I use these pads to remove any dirt and oil from my face. It also removes makeup very well too. It does not burn and anyone can use it. 

    I did not purchase this facial serum from amazon, however, they do have it. I purchased this from Marshalls and it also works wonders for my skin.

    I know everyone's mom and/or grandma had this GOAT facial moisturizer in their house. I have used this product for years and I live by it. My daughters use it too.

    This is definitely trending and I am a part of that trend. This jade roller is amazing. It works very well for circulation and I love it more when it is cold. I suggest putting in the freezer. Your face will thank you. 

    These are my go to products that I use and if you have any products that you can suggest to me, Let me know in the comments. Have a great day!!!

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas