Thoughts on the Brandy Vs. Monica Battle on Instagram

You guys, I am still talking about this Versuz battle between these young women that happened about 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure I'm telling my age because I was more excited about hearing their old music from the 90's. In which now that I think of, I should've not been listening to or singing lol. Anyway, this battle was epic not only because it's Brandy and Monica but the fact that these women had a beef for years and none of us knew why. I believe people change and I know that times and situations also change peoples mind sets. Ive been preaching this for months But I honestly feel this pandemic has made some positive shifts as well. I never thought that I would see these two ladies in the same room let alone talking to each other.

For those of you who know me really well, knows that I love me some Beyonce' HOWEVER, she does not make music that hits all of your emotions all at once like these two right here. I love old school R&B and it just brings me back to a peaceful place. Their music talks about love, heartbreak and the list goes on....

Back story to the beef between Monica and Brandy
Monica and Brandy both were at the top of their careers and sadly the media portrayed them as rivals. Monica was more street/hardcore while Brandy's image was a sweet girl from around the way. They both had great vocals but two different personalities. In my opinion, I didn't see anything wrong. Word in the street was that the girls never crossed paths until Brandy wanted to collaborate together with Monica on the hit song "The Boy is Mine" (I literally just found out, that was Brandy's song). Allegedly Monica did not want to work with her, but eventually did. Fast forward, they did the song but I heard they recorded their versus separately and when it was time to shoot the music video, it was very awkward. They did not speak to one another on set. Fast forward, rumors escalated that Brandy performed the first live performance without Monica and she was used about it. Then years later on they performed "The Boy is Mine" at the VMA's award show. Crazy thing about that, is they got into a fight right before performing. Monica allegedly punched Brandy in the face.  That was the last time we seen them perform let alone be around each other..... Until now :)

More than a decade later
2 talented producers by the names of Timbaland and Swizz Beats created something that will be the talk in the music industries for a long time. In the beginning with the Covid-19 mess going on people were not able to go out like they use too because everything was shut down. No bars, no clubs, no games, no concerts etc NOTHING. Everyone was basically home with family. The idea of having artists battle 20 of their songs each on Instagram was a very smart idea and great entertainment for us all.  Each time the ratings and responses from fans grew and grew. It cam to the point where everyone was suggesting who should go against each other. Brandy and Monica came up quite a lot and I believe one of them declined in the beginning. Then a few months later, word got around that they would do it. However, Monica said she needed to have a conversation with Brandy before she would move forward. In which they did talk.

The end result and a lesson for women
The ladies sat down together and helped us reminisce about the good ole times through their music for two hours. Although, the vibes seemed a little shaky, I as well as everyone who enjoys their music was happy to see them in the same room being cordial with one another. We can't expect them to be best friends or even friends overnight. The fact that they were both mature enough to talk prior to the battle and settle their differences, shows us women that we too can all get along and get that paper (money) together. Society wants us to be against one another and sadly, we are falling for it. The fact that a beef that was going on for more than a decade and these women are laughing and hugging each other now is progress. I noticed a lot of people talking down on Monica's demeanor. You have to remember, she has street appeal and she's not with the shits. She speaks her mind and she seems like a real one. No one can change that. 

My favorite all time song from Brandy is "Sitting up in my room" 

My favorite all time song from Monica is "Before you walk out of my life"

What is your favorite and Brandy and Monica song? 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas