The Importance of Sage Smudging Your Space and Aura



Hey everyone! This is going to be a short blog, but I wanted to come on here really quickly and express the importance of cleansing your space and Aura. 

    I never knew about sage and cleansing of the home until 2 years ago. When I was a chid, my dad would always bless our house but it was only on New Years. When I got my own place, he also blessed it. But, he used Frankincense. 

    It is very important to cleanse your home and especially your aura. Just think about it, how many different people are you around every single day? What about the different people your family members in your household are around on the daily? We are picking up multiple energies. Some may be good and some bad. 

    Do you ever catch yourself being so angry when you get home for no apparent reason? Or feeling depressed or just not yourself? 9 out 10 it is coming from picking up different peoples energies. 

Here are some tips on how and when to cleanse your space and aura. 

-Whenever people come over your place

Make sure you ALWAYS cleanse after they leave. I do this all the time. Even when my mom and brothers visit as well as my in laws.

-Whenever your spirit is heavy

Meaning...You are always upset, feel down and depressed, feeling unmotivated, not committed... overall just drained!

-When you get a new place or new job

- You have to bless your new home... You don't know what kind of crazy energies lived there prior to you moving in. As for a new can get you some Florida water and pour some in a spray bottle, and spray your work area where you will be in. I do this in my classroom sometimes. When you come home, get out of those clothes and sage yourself from top to bottom.

Friendly Reminder: When using Sage, always have a few doors and windows open. For two reasons...One, the smell is very strong and there's a lot smoke, we don't want to set off the smoke alarms lol. Two, the negative energies need to be KICKED out. If the windows and/or doors are not open, where do you think the negative energies will be? Yup, it will stay inside your place and we do not need that. Let them energies go out the window and door. Once you are done sage smudging, place the sage in a holder and it die out on it's own.

Have you used Sage before? What are your thoughts?

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas


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    1. Yes girl!! very important. We have to remove all that negative energy from everywhere and everything. Thank you for your continued support:)