Signs That You're Spiritually Disconnected


Happy Wednesday guys!! I hope you all are well and safe. Today's blog has been sitting real heavy on my heart and I think its because I too have been feeling spiritually disconnected and I also feel like someone reading this, may have been feeling this way as well. To begin, I am no way shape or form a religious person, I am spiritual. Meaning, I don't identify with a religion. I identify with my spirituality in other words, I believe in God and I believe Jesus is God's son and he sacrificed his life for my sins. Okay, here's the deal... we have all been feeling some type of disconnection especially with what's going around the world on top of our daily struggles whether it be at home, work, or school etc. Sometimes or most times, we find ourselves losing patience very quickly, lashing out, waking up and going to bed upset, and just being in a funk. That is called being "Spiritually Disconnected" I never understood it until I myself went through some things and felt all of those emotions. Not only did I feel the emotions I was not getting any better. I wanted to lay in bed all day and scroll through social media and eat Ice Cream... because that made me "feel" good.... And you know what?  It did make me feel good, but only for a few hours. Then I went back into that negative space and just dealt with it. 

As humans, mostly women, we tend to hide our emotions and just hold everything in until we explode. Obviously it is not good. Something is causing us to feel empty inside and to be honest, its not what we are going through that is keeping us in that bubble. Its the fact that we are NOT putting God in the center of our lives ESPECIALLY in the center of our problems. I noticed the moment I fell to my knees and prayed to God and let it all out, I started to slowly feel myself again, I started to become more tolerable to things, I started gaining more patience, and I started to feel much more motivated. If you didn't know, God is a jealous God. He does not want us to put anything to anyone above him and we always tend to forget that because our lives are "too busy." We have to remember to always pray because God will make a way. He will never give us too much that we can not bare. I hope these tips will help you connect with your spirituality. 

5 Signs That You Are Spiritually Disconnected

1- Lack of Patience

2- Heavy Heart

3- Emotional Roller Coaster

4- Always Angry

5- Constant Negative Thoughts

5 Ways to be Spiritually Connected

1- Pray Daily(talk to God like you would a friend) be yourself

2- Write Your Feelings in a Journal


4- Burn Incense (Frankincense is really good)

5- Shift your mindset every time you feel negative energy 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

3 Things That Brought Me Joy This Past Week



Ya'll your girl has really been slacking. I missed two weeks of my series "What Brought Me Joy This Past Week" life happens and I was NOT going to overwhelm myself. Don't get it twisted, a lot has happened and I am truly grateful for it all. I was enjoying my family and just relaxing and binge watching Grey's Anatomy... AGAIN!!! Hahahaha. I find it hard to not find something to be grateful for everyday. I make sure to find something big or little to show my gratitude to God. 

What has brought me joy?

1) Adsense Approval: Any blogger can understand how happy I am because the waiting game on getting ads on blogs takes so long. You have to write a certain amount of blog posts and traffic to even get close to applying for Adsense and I must say I have pushed very har with releasing content and being consistent  especially when I got disapproved more than 4 times. 

2) Giveaway Winner: I won a Scholastics Book giveaway on my teacher instagram page. I was not expecting to win new books for my class. I am truly happy about that because starting fresh in a blended classroom with Kindergarten and First Grade with very limited resources and books can be a bit overwhelming if you don't have the passion and mindset for this field.

3) Back To School: My daughters went back to on campus. My husband had planned to send our girls after the Holidays, but as a mom and teacher. I felt like my oldest needed to be in the classroom not only to be more focused, but to be around her peers. This will be her last year in elementary school, and I want to her to socialize with her friends. I trust that the school is taking the proper procedures and I KNOW the principal will take all necessary precautions to keep her students and staff safe and healthy.

I hope you all had a great week. 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas

Day In The Life Of A Lifestyle Blogger


Hey ya'll it has been a hot minute since I posted a blog. Your girl has been trying to balance teacher life, mom and wife life, and find some time for myself. I am almost there with balancing it all. A lot of exciting things has happen though. For one, I finally got approved to have Ads on my blogs (huge accomplishment) and some other things which I will talk about in later blogs. I am going to continue to push content and educate myself on getting better at blogging. For this post I have decided to fill you all in on my day as a lifestyle blogger. I know before I took blogging seriously, I researched so many blog topics, bloggers on YouTube, and how their days were. So I would hope that a future blogger happens to stumble on this post and gain some insight. 

During the week, I am a teacher and if I do post during the week now, it is a miracle lol. Monday-Friday seems to be an organized mess and my main focus is my 9-5 and not the blog. I may come across some picture ideas or blog post topics during the week, but I save those ideas for the weekend. 

First things first, do not force the content. If you are not passionate about what you are going to post or took some serious time planning, then you need to step back for a few days and meditate on it. I say this because I had made a schedule before I went back to work that I will post every Tuesday and Thursday and there were plenty of times where I got writer's block because I did not know what to post. I felt obligated to post a blog because of the days that I told myself I would post. Don't do it!!!!   

My weekends are usually planned for the most part (laundry, clean the apartment, cook breakfast etc) Here is a break down of a day in the life of a lifestyle blogger 

Saturday 10/17/2020

6:30-7:30am: Woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth(showered around 12am), open living room blinds & curtains

7:30-8:15am: Got dressed for the day. Picked out an outfit for pictures later. Prayed and meditated 

8:15am-9:40am: Cleaned out my car. Got Gas. Did an oil change

10:00-11:15am: Went to the library to return a book. Went  to 2 dollar trees for some leaves for a project I'm doing with my class on Monday.

11:15-11:25am: Dunkin Donut Run... (I need my daily coffee dose lol)

11:25-11:55am: Cooked breakfast for the fam and we all ate (waffles, eggs, bacon & sausage)

11:55am-12:55pm: Watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix

12:55-2:00pm: Changed clothes and took some pics for the blog in my living room

2:00pm-3:00pm: Wrote, edited, and posted my blog. Promoted my blog post on IG, Facebook, and Pinterest.

3:00pm- Spent the rest of the day with the fam bam

It may seem like an easy day but I also have 2 kids and a husband so in between all of that, I may have paused and tended to their needs. We have to make it work. 
As you can see she loves to bother me when I am working.

Also another thing I want to mention is that you DO NOT need a lot of equipment starting off. I started off with just my phone and laptop. I now have a selfie stick with remote(lifesaver) and my husband invested in me and got me a ring light. Those will help you along with some photo apps and you will be good to go. 


Thank you for reading! 

Later Love Bugs,
Elizabeth Jacas

Breaking Free From Comparison



Hey y'all it has definitely been a minute. I had set a goal of uploading 2 blog posts each week. I wanted to post earlier this week, but my mental health is way more important. I laid in bed and watched Girlfriends on Netflix okaaaaay lol. But on the real though, I've been focusing on getting back on track spiritually and spending quiet time with God has been amazing. A couple of months ago I started reading plans on the Bible app on my phone and have been journaling what I read. On the Bible app under plans, you can choose daily devotions based on what you are going through or want some clarity on. It can range from depression, anxiety, marriage, parenthood, gossip, jealousy, stress, anger, and the list goes on. 

Since starting my blog and connecting with other bloggers, I became more comfortable with putting myself out there (a little bit) just to get my feet wet. I'm a pretty much private person but I know with blogging, people will want to know Elizabeth. I am still a work in progress. I have made some awesome connections and received a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism from some well known bloggers and a few with a following. Sadly, about a month or so ago, I have been feeling a little unmotivated with my blogs even though I still posted and got great traffic...I guess its a mental thing. I noticed I was going on Instagram and started comparing my page to others and comparing my blog content to others and wondered what am I doing wrong to not get the following or sponsored. I battled with that feeling for a while and it really placed me in a negative funk. I had to really lay it all on the table and ask God to help me remove that negative spirit from my mind and focus on me. 

I try to promote positivity in everything I do. But we are humans and sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Believe it or not, I made some connections via social media and have actually supported a few of them too. I'm the type of person that wants to see everyone make moves because I actually use that as inspiration for my moves if that makes sense. But the problem with that is if you are not in a good mental space then your happiness for people at times can be invalid. Last week, I decided to mute a few people that I follow on Instagram not because I am jealous or anything but because I do not want to look at their content and start comparing what they are doing to what "I feel" I am not. 

Along with muting some folks, I checked the Bible app for a devotion on "Comparison" and I found one. It was a 7 day devotional plan. This plan was so informative and it helped me look at comparison in a different light. From reading and reflecting on this plan in my journal, it taught me so much about myself as an individual and the the people that I follow. I want to tell you what I learned without giving away the devotional plan in case you all want to read and study it. Day 5 stated the very thing I found myself comparing to or wishing that I had, was purposely placed in front of me so God can show me he wants to put that into my life. BUT, I have to put the work in. It can be me putting in longer night hours and early mornings working on my blog, consistent promoting, investing money into my blog, connecting with more people, attending workshops etc. I know I can do more and learn more on blogging but I have my regular teaching job, taking care of home, and being a mom and wife. Basically, I felt real convicted after Day 5 because it made me really take a step back and think... I am still going to keep a few of the people muted as I work on some other projects that I have up my sleeve and will unmute them when I'm ready. I must say the devotional was right because I am more motivated than ever. I even created a teacher IG page and plan on growing that as well. Go ahead and download the Bible app on your phone or check out the website

Have you ever dealt with jealousy or comparison? What did you do to overcome it? 

Later Love Bugs,

Elizabeth Jacas