My Springtime Scents


Although Winter is my favorite season, I must say Spring is a close second. There is something about spring cleaning, flowers blooming, and light rain showers that makes me feel really calm inside. The warm temperatures and the refreshing cold drinks while sitting out in the patio is so relaxing as well. 

How about coming inside a clean and decluttered home after a long day at work or the gym? That is always good! Especially when you know you had so many things to get rid of lol. 

What I like to do after doing a deep clean or come home after a long day out, is burn some candles and light up some wax melts. Those two things are magic when they are combined. The aroma throughout the whole apartment is amazing. These are my go to scents for the springtime and GUESS WHAT?!? The candles were ONLY $3.33 and the wax melts were $2.00 at Walmart. YES, you read it right, WALMART! I am slowly getting a little collection going but here are staples below: 


  • Pineapple Lily  11.5oz - $3.33

  • Cranberry Mandarin  11.5oz - $3.33

  • Sweet Apple  11.5oz - $3.33

                       Wax Melts

  • Meyer Lemon Basil  2.5oz- $2.00

  • White Peach Mango  2.5oz- $2.00

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