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As I sit back and watch all of the people who are graduating right now under these circumstances, it made me remember when I graduated just a few months before this pandemic happened. I thought getting married and having children was an accomplishment.  To me, it's a blessing. However, graduating college when I didn't think I had it in me is an accomplishment.  My track record in school was not always good. I made a few wrong decisions and definitely hung out with the wrong crowd. smh.

Even though I attended college before because my parents "forced" me to go after high school, I wasn't committed nor was I focused. I had to go on my own terms and I honestly did not know when or how that would happen. I knew I wanted to graduate college and become a teacher but it had to be on my own time and when I was ready. 

After I got married, had my two girls, and moved to a new town with a new job, I realized I wanted more and I wanted my daughters to see their mom commit herself to her education and obtain a degree all while working full-time and being a mom and wife. 

I am still in awe that I am the FIRST in my family to obtain a college degree. This degree is not only for me, but it is for my parents, my brothers, my husband, and my daughters.

The years that I spent in school was very hard. I worked full-time and then when I came home, I had to take care of the girls and do my classwork until 11:59pm(when assignments were due). We didn't really go out as much anymore because I really wanted to focus and get good grades. One in which because I was paying out of pocket for my classes.I couldn't afford to fail a class. 

But the hardest part of it all was in 2017 when my dad took sick and I had to stay strong and focus on my schooling at the same time. My school was very supportive because I did get extensions on assignments so that I could go visit him at the hospital and the times he was home. Then reality kicked in on May 7, 2017 he passed away and it was finals week. Everyone was shocked that I still maintained an A that semester and I honestly do not know where I got the strength from, but I had a push of determination and If I wasn't sure about getting that degree before, I sure as h*** was sure now that he was gone. I wanted to get my degree in his honor because he pushed education in our household for as long as I can remember. I am happy that I didn't keep me going back to school a secret for too long from my parents. At least he knew that I was back in school. It was only right that for one of my graduation pictures, I HAD to include him. 

I just want to say this to anyone who is debating on attending college, yes it is a lot of work, yes it is hard, yes it may or may not cost you a grip, yes you will be stressed but make sure you choose the right degree and also make sure that YOU are ready. Don't let someone pressure you into attending  if you know you are not fully going to commit. If you are around people that are in college or graduating and you feel like you should too, don't rush it. Let them inspire or motivate you into going, not pressure you. 

With that being said, CONGRATS TO THE CLASS OF 2020 despite with what's going on, YOU GUYS DID IT!!!

Later Love Bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas

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