Book of The Month (May)


It's the end of the month and I always reflect on the book that I have read for the month. For the month of May, I read "Jump" by Steve Harvey. I heard so many great things about this book and I just wanted to read it for myself. Maaaaaaaaaaan, let's just say I read this book in two days. Granted, the book is only 6 chapters but they are pretty long ones.

This book is about taking that leap of faith. Have you ever heard  of the saying "closed mouths don't get fed"? That's what I thought about when I read this book. Steve talked about his struggles before  the fame and how he overcame them. 

After reading this book, It was confirmation for me to take that "leap of faith" with everything in my life. I know I can do more and be a better me. Everyone is not going to be there as a support system and we all have to understand and accept that. You have to believe in yourself and do the proper work. Even if that means sacrificing a few things. Steve always knew that he wanted to be on Television. He said  back when he was in school, one of his teachers told him he would never be on TV because he stuttered and couldn't read.  Let me explain something to you guys, Steve is in his 60's and he still remembers that conversation til this day. How dare someone put someone else's dreams down and tell they can't do something? That is ridiculous. This guy was homeless, slept in his car and all. Fast forward to now, he is very successful oh and on TV lol. I'm pretty sure that was also his motivation to be a star.

This book has motivated me to go beyond what I believe I am capable of. I am looking at everything in a different perspective. Things that might have gotten me upset or in a negative mindset, no longer validates me. I look at every "bad" situation as a lesson that I needed to learn or as a blessing in disguise because something better is coming along. 

If any one is looking for a motivational, inspirational, and spiritual book to read, go ahead and get it. You will not be disappointed. 

I used to always purchase books, but now,  I'm somewhat of a minimalist, so I get all of my books from the library lol. You can take the route I took or purchase it for yourself. I have the link for his book on Amazon. 

Later Love Bugs,
-Elizabeth Jacas


  1. Great blog. Because of you I will check out this book. Keep them coming. Good job.

  2. Thank you Troy! You won't be disappointed.